En Chine, la donne est différente et ce concurrent numéro 1 de Baidu est bloqué. Afin de mettre en avant ce dernier, le gouvernement chinois, par l’intermédiaire de son Grand Firewall, a réussi à bloquer Google en Chine. Dans cet article, nous allons vous expliquer comment faire pour accéder et utiliser Google en Chine à l’aide d’un VPN.

30 Dec 2014 Google's email service has technically been blocked since the summer, but remained easy to access via third-party apps used on smartphones  30 Dec 2014 Gmail is once again accessible in China via third-party clients after a four-day blackout. 7 Jan 2015 As we all know, Gmail was recently completely blocked in China, causing heartbreak and despair among hundreds of millions of Chinese  30 Dec 2014 Chinese internet users 'should accept blocking of Gmail in China': Global Times. 21 Mar 2011 China was busying itself with locking out VPN access within its borders and, seemingly, preventing people from using their Gmail accounts. 26 Jul 2016 As you are probably aware China does not play nice with Google services and for the last two years Gmail has virtually been unusable in  2 Jun 2011 Hackers in China obtained access to the personal Google email accounts of senior U.S. government officials, Chinese political activists, 

Bonjour, auriez vous la gentillesse de me dire comment je dois faire pour envoyer un mail en chine. j'ai envoyé plusieurs email en chine mais mon interlocuteur ne le reçoist jamais. pourquoi?. merci de

12 Jan 2010 Following attacks on Gmail accounts of human rights activists, Google says it will no longer censor search results in China and might shut down  2 Jun 2011 A cyber spying campaign originating in China had targeted the Gmail accounts of senior US officials, military personnel, journalists and  21 Mar 2011 Google has tracked down the source of recent Gmail access problems in China, and has decided the Chinese government's to blame.

Les services de la censure ont bloqué l'accès en Chine à la messagerie électronique de Google, Gmail, ont annoncé lundi des experts, une étape supplémentaire dans la volonté de Pékin d

28 Dec 2014 Google Inc's Gmail was blocked in China after months of disruptions to the world's biggest email service, with an anti-censorship advocate